Why Lebanon Is Having a Surprising Solar Power Boom

How floating solar farms can help the Middle East deal with water and power challenges

China’s energy transition sees ‘staggering’ progress on renewables

China is recognized as the undisputable global leader in renewable energy expansion, adding new projects to the grid almost as fast as the rest of the world combined last year.

Scientists think this tiny greenhouse could be a game changer for agrivoltaics.

In new experiment, scientists used semitransparent, semi-organic solar cells.

A new study about seabirds and offshore wind turbines may surprise you

ZEN Yachts secures $5.9M in Series A alongside new orders for its solar electric catamaran

Ford reveals an electric school bus based on the E-Transit cargo van

Google’s huge solar buys help fund efficiency fixes for low-income homes

In partnership with Sol Systems, the tech giant is using a slice of its clean-energy investments for repairs and efficiency upgrades in lower-income communities.

Solar-powered water purifier is a completely sustainable way to get clean water

Here’s the good and bad news on the US clean energy transition

A comprehensive new report from BNEF lays out 2022’s mixed bag of wins and losses on EVs, emissions, energy storage, climate disasters and much more.

Could you power your data center with green hydrogen?

Can green hydrogen be the key to more sustainable data center infrastructure? Startup ECL thinks so.

The solar mounting system manufacturer Schletter Group is supporting the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey and plans to get involved in the reconstruction process.

How Bad Are SUVs for the Climate?

Continued Rise in Carbon Emissions Offset by Renewable Energy Surge, IEA Says

New report reveals EU solar power soars by almost 50% in 2022

SolarPower Europe’s annual progress report for solar power reveals that the EU installed 41.4 GW of solar in 2022, up 47% from the 28.1 GW installed in 2021.

DOE picks 10 winners of grid-scale storage innovation prize

Batteries that store and release heat at times of demand dominate federal awards of $300,000.

News Release: Perovskite-Based Thermochromic Windows Reduce Energy Load and Carbon Emission in Buildings

NREL Calculates and Fabricates Perovskite-Based Technology With Ideal Transition Temperatures for Building Energy Savings

This wind turbine blade snaking up a mountain is anxiety-inducing

EU Parliament agrees position on buildings law despite pushback

The Parliament’s approach also wants to increase the number of households installing solar panels and get rid of fossil heaters.

People in Paris are being asked to vote on whether electric scooters should be banned

Solar panels installed on Australian homes and businesses will soon generate more power than the nation’s remaining coal plants, a new report has found, as rooftop PV passes a major new milestone of 20GW of combined grid-connected capacity.

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Could Gravity Batteries Win The Energy Storage War?

Climate change is making winter weather warmer and "weirder"

North America Is Getting Its First-Ever Zero-Emission Train This Summer

Tesla has begun assembling batteries in Germany but will focus cell production in the U.S. in light of Inflation Reduction Act incentives, the company said, making it one of the first firms to declare a strategy shift prompted by the package.

"The death of a climate bank: With the implosion of Silicon Valley Bank over 1,500 climate and energy-tech companies could face problems. In addition, more than 60 percent of community solar financing in the US involved the bank."

With the Inflation Reduction Act in place, SEMA eyes next steps to advance US solar manufacturing

Nanoparticles Self-Assemble to Create Revolutionary Solar Energy Harvesting Solution